What are you waiting for? This is exactly what I asked myself before I launched my “Gaîté” store. It was a time of change and advance… An advancement into an new world – Like a butterfly exploring new fields or a lizard digging itself through new terrains, I too took off to a new adventure.  Butterfly and Lizard – These deliberately chosen spirit animals do not only resemble a new beginning but furthermore my journey through life. They decorate my collection and shall bring strength, courage and positivity – because this is precisely what they stand for. 


This decisive point in my life has brought a lot of beauty with it such as the piece you are holding right now. These in Italy manufactured glasses are being refined in Switzerland with silver or gold art nouveau decor elements. Just like this one. All Gaîté glasses are individual and of highest quality – after all we want these glasses to bring you joy for a long time and accompany you on your journeys and new adventures. 

So what are you waiting for?   

Best wishes  Angelica Junger

A brief insight into the collection

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