The aim of our ready-made glasses is to provide you with optimal visual accuracy for distance/near vision in the shortest time possible. It often takes between 6-8 weeks after an operation, for example a cataract operation, until the eye has recovered and the definitive correction has been established. We therefore offer ready-made glasses to use during this time, you’ll get affordable high-quality glasses in your current prescription.

Since your vision is very important to us, you will receive your glasses shortly after placing your order.  When ordering, you also have the option of selecting a frame that you’d later like to use for the glasses with the correct prescription for you. In this case, we will fit the transition lenses into the frame you have chosen and will refund the price when you purchase lenses with the adjusted correction.



Price in CHF / frame included

*Price depends on frame




Price in CHF / frame included

*Price depends on frame



100 – 250*

Price in CHF / frame not included

+ Price of frame

*Price depends on lens type