Nowadays, almost any refractive error can be corrected with contact lenses.

Complicated corrections are often treated more effectively with contact lenses than with glasses. Individual special lenses for example, can correct a defective vision overnight – therefore night lenses or Ortho-K offer a genuine alternative to lasers or implants.

Even after a keratoplasty (operation on the cornea) or for treatment after an unsuccessful laser intervention, there are various options in order to regain high visual performance.

It is important to us to offer you the optimal solution for your eyes, which is why the first consultation and the corresponding examination are free of charge.

Soft lenses

With soft lenses, a distinction is made between exchange lenses (daily, monthly, etc.) and customised lenses. A longer wearing time has a proportional effect on the available parameters, which means that the lens can be adapted more precisely to your eyes.

Weiche Kontaktlinsen
Formstabile, gaspermeable Kontaktlinsen

Gaspermeable contact lenses

This product is the successor to the former hard contact lenses. Many complicated visual defects can be corrected better or exclusively with these lenses.

Scleral and miniscleral lenses

This type of lens is a large, dimensionally stable contact lens that is mainly used for the correction of keratoconus, after keratoplasty or other disorders of the cornea.

Skleral- und Minisklerallinsen
Nachtlinsen oder Ortho-K


As the leading Ortho-K centre in Zurich, we are specialised in fitting this type of contact lens. These lenses offer correction options for myopes up to a diopter value of approx. -8.5 and astigmatism up to approx. -4.5 diopters, whereby the myopia and astigmatism together must not exceed the limit of -8.5 diopters. Ortho-K lenses are also suitable for combined corrections. They can be used in place of reading glasses or varifocals, as they correct distance and near vision, making reading glasses no longer necessary. The correction is removed with contact lenses – worn overnight – therefore you no longer need visual aids during the day.

Colored contact lenses

Whether for Halloween, a costume party or just for fun. We enjoy contact lenses and are often surprised by the crazy innovations on the market. Therefore we also have colourful and extraordinary lenses for unusual occasions.

Farbige Kontaktlinsen

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